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December 5, 2015 - Anal, Ass, Cocks, Gay, Tit
Baitbus free accounts

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The BaitBus where unsuspecting straight guys get tricked into their first gay sex act. They cave in when we flash a little cash, before we throw them out!.

You’re in for well made and great quality scenes, good looking guys, lots of play and chat, images and screen caps too. Ever wondered what it would take to snag the amazing straight guy you’ve been looking at for weeks’ There is an answer on Bait Bus, where devious guys and gals seduce straight guys by luring them into a van with the promise of pussy and then springing the big surprise on them – a dude’s mouth and lubed-up butt! Bait Bus is the story of a guy with a camera, a van, and an evil plan.

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